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Copy of Leaders...that bring energy!!!

There are organizational building blocks for churches and ministries that are commonly used to build ordinary teams and produce ordinary outcomes.

However, these same building blocks can be re-envisioned to shape extraordinary teams that get extraordinary outcomes.

Let me share the blocks and outcomes I am thinking of.

#1 Leaders…that bring energy

#2 Budgets…that tell a story

#3 Values…that answer questions

#4 Meetings…that embrace conflict

My guess is that every church and ministry team knows who their leaders are, follow a budget, have written values, and attend countless meetings. But, do they know the story they want to make true, have answers to most common questions, have a energy to fuel the team, and embrace good conflict.

This is a 4-part series, let’s get started.

#1 Leaders that bring energy!

Many leaders believe the most important things they bring to their team are vision, decision making, experience, education, strategy, or execution to name a few.

Of course, these are all important, but they are not the most important.

Energy is the most important. Every room or situation that a great leader steps into, they must bring energy. Energy inspires people! Energy unites a team! Energy fuels daily tasks and large projects! And best of all - Energy is contagious!

Your first step is to recognize that God will supply you the energy needed for the work He has given to you and the teams under your leadership. Your job is to protect and conserve your energy for the leadership tasks ahead of you. A few tips that will help you protect and conserve energy; Get enough sleep, start each day asking God to prioritize the day, eat a healthy breakfast, take a walk, do the things only you can do – delegate the other stuff.

Then be prepared to bring energy through your leadership in three important ways.

First, inspire your team by casting vision for a desired future or outcome with enthusiasm. Next, energize planning and strategy sessions with your team. Finally, bring energy to celebrating team victories and individual accomplishments.

Leaders that bring energy, get extraordinary results!

My next post will dig into Budgets that tell a story…

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